We are pleased to announce that Luna Baby now offers a complementary consulting service to help expectant mothers select the highest quality baby products that fit within their budgets. Our service is one of the many ways that Luna Baby makes life a little easier for mothers who may be overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices on the market or who don’t have the time or energy to go through the effort of doing price/value comparisons for everything new babies need for their health and comfort.

With almost 4 million babies born just in the U.S. every year, companies making baby products are continually flooding the market with new products. In fact, studies suggest that by 2017, the global baby care market is anticipated to reach $66.8 billion in sales!

With so many choices, expectant mothers (and fathers) could use a little help! Our consultants have a solid background in retail and personal shopping experience. We have already done the research and pre-screened the products based on quality and value. And we don’t stop with newborns! You can also take advantage of this service as your child navigates the path from baby to toddlerhood.

We offer a select inventory of the very best products on the market today and can provide you with practical advice that saves you both time and money! Call today to schedule a consultation so that you can fully enjoy Luna Baby’s personalized, one-source experience!